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OWF : feedback questionnaire

October 24 Mon, 2011

Your feedback will help us In order to improve our event, give us your feedback on OWF 2011. Every comment will help us. Thank you in advance. www.surveymonkey.com/s/OWF11EN

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OWF Experiment Awards 2011

September 22 Thu, 2011

Announcing the 2011 OWF Experiment Awards participants For the first year, the Open World Forum dedicates an Award to the most popular Open Source Software. The prizes will be awarded on September 24, as part of the Experiment day.Until then, cast your votes!To view the participants, click here:‪...

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EXPERIMENT : Meet Ez3kiel

September 22 Thu, 2011

Ez3kiel will introduce hybrid and poetic machines to experiment Three poetic mechanisms will be presented and available to be tested in a hybrid universe mixing of fairyland and technology.Ez3kiel mechanisms are a prowess of technology, interactivity and poetry. Meet the group and experiment those fa...

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EXPERIMENT : The digital soldering workshops

September 22 Thu, 2011

Come and learn how to create your own luminous Open World Forum badge ! All day long on Saturday September 24, the Hackable Devices workshops will teach you how to create your own luminous badge, a digital version of the traditional merit badges !Do-It-Yourself and Do-It-With-Others are also on the program with t...

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Streamin live

September 22 Thu, 2011

No matter where you are, you can be with us!

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September 21 Wed, 2011

VMware decided to join the Open World Forum as a Gold Sponsor. As a global leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure, VMware delivers customer-proven solutions that accelerate IT by reducing complexity and enabling more flexible, agile service delivery. The firm enables enterprises to adopt a cloud mo...

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September 13 Tue, 2011

Jamendo decided to join the Open World Forum as a bronze Sponsor. Since 2005, Jamendo bring together  more than one million of members listenning, downloading and sharing freely 325 000 titles of about 40 000 artists dealing with Creative Commons Licence.Jamendo decided to give it support to the OWF making...

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ASTEROID by Parrot at the Open World Forum

September 08 Thu, 2011

Open up to the world with ASTEROID by Parrot With its web applications, voice recognition, and hands-free call, open up to the world staying in your car !With this small design object in your car, listen to music with the source of your choice (IPod, IPhone, USB, SD card and also b...

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Présentation de la journée Experiment

September 08 Thu, 2011

La journée Experiment vise à présenter des créations nées de l’Open Source tant dans les logiciels que dans les objets connectés qui vont accompagner notre quotidien. Tous les projets présentés lors de la journée s’inscrivent dans une démarche ouv...

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Test the Digital Washboard at the OWF

September 07 Wed, 2011

Derrick Giscloux reveals his latest project, mixing digital art and musical acting The Digital Washboard is an interactive installation open for public experimentation.This musical instrument that gives a visual feedback focuses on the proprioceptive scope of body gestures and its impact on the behavior of visitors in relation t...

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The 2011 OWF Innovation Awards : The finalists !

September 06 Tue, 2011

Announcing the six finalists for the 2011 OWF Innovation Awards. As for the previous years, the submissions received for this 4th edition of the Open Innovation Awards were of high quality and diverse. We are pleased to see that innovation remains at the heart of&nbs...

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September 06 Tue, 2011

Capgemini, a new silver sponsor for Open World Forum Through its strategic involvement and contribution to free software, Capgemini has become a reference in systems integration in France.This leader in consulting, technology and outsourcing naturally expresses its support to the Open World Forum as...

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September 02 Fri, 2011

Neo Telecoms, a new gold sponsor for Open World Forum Whether you are a telecommunications operator, an institutional player or an internet professional, Neo's network and hosting services will answer your needs. Meet Neo Telecoms at the Open World Forum as one of our main supports. 

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September 02 Fri, 2011

Suse, a new Gold Sponsor for Open World Forum With its Linux Operating System Solutions, Suse is providing leading softwares to everyone. The German Linux based OS is naturally one of our Gold Sponsors.

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Meet Mark Shuttleworth

August 31 Wed, 2011

He has been on the moon and he is now with us! No less than the Ubuntu founder project will be among us during those exciting days. Mark Shuttleworth is indeed one of today's most prominent and inspiring Open Source professional. His input for the Open World Forum will be of high value. Meet h...

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What happened


9 am: Opening Keynote by Eric Besson, Minister Of Industry, Energy and Digital Economy, Government of France.

9.10 am: Keynote addressed by Jean-Paul Planchou, Vice-President of the Region Ile-de-France in Charge of Economic Development, Innovation, Information Technology, Tourism and Social Economy.

9.20 am: Keynote addressed by Jean-Louis Missika, Deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of Innovation, Research and Universities.

9.40 am: Introduction to the 4th edition of the Open World Forum, by Louis Montagne and Jean-Pierre Laisné, co-Presidents 2011.

9.55 am: Floss Ecosystem in the Systematic Paris-Region Cluster, Keynote by Systematic Paris-Region and the Free Software Thematic Group.

10.05 am: Open Data, the UK Experience, Keynote by Nigel Shadbolt, Professor of Computer Science, University of Southampton.

10.25 am: Open Source and Open Standards, Keynote by Werner Knoblich, Vice-President and General Manager Emea, Red Hat.

11 am: Open Data : the Big Picture - panel discussion.

11.45 am: Different Points of View on Net Neutrality - panel discussion.

2 pm: Open Source as a Catalyst for Change in Closed Source Companies - panel discussion.

2.30 pm: Cloud IT and Business : Going Mainstream, Bill Mc Nee, Founder and CEO, Sangatuck Technology.

3 pm: Resilient Deployments in the Cloud.

3.45 pm: Keynote Microsoft : la collaboration avec l’Open Source tous azimuts.

4 pm: Making Cloud Interoperate? - panel discussion.

4.45 pm: Open Source is good for Industry, Gaël Blondelle, Open Source Business Developer, Obeo.

5.05 pm: A Tour of Network Neutrality Solutions.


9.00 am: The Next Five Years of Cloud and Client Computing, by marc Shuttelworth, Founder, Ubuntu Project.

9.30 am: Entering the Next Phase of Openness and Innovation, by Nils Brauckmann, President and General Manager, Suse.

9.50 am: Open Source in the Mobile Ecosystem - panel discussion.

10.30 am: Make your Company more than an Open Source User but a Real Player, by Anne Nicolas, Co-Founder, Hupstream.

10.50 am: Requier Knowledge Commons # Think Currently Fails, by Mike Linksvayer, Vice President, Creative Commons.

11.35 am: Biographies of Living Persons (BLP) and Wikipedia, Ting Chen, Chair of Wikimedia Foundation, the Wikimedia Board.

12.15 pm: Vous avez dit "enseignement de l'informatique au lycée ?", by Jean-Pierre Archambault, Technology Watch Director, CNDP-CRDP.

2 pm: The Internet of Things & Open Data: new forms of Business ? - panel discussion

2.30 pm: Open Source and Government, by Graham Taylor, Chief Executive, Open World Forum Europe.

3 pm: The Internet of Things & Open Data: new forms of Organizations and Governance? - panel discussion.

4 pm: From Innovative to Commercial Open Source Edition, by Patrick Moreau, Head of Software Assets, Inria.

4.20 pm: How pass impacts Enterprise Application Design and Development, by Alexandre Vasseur, Staff Systems Engineer, VmWare.

4.45 pm: Sharing Open Source Initiatives from India, Brazil and South Africa, Christina Freitas, Professor, the Federal University of Brasilla.

5.15 pm: Free and Open Source Software: Serving Humanity, Laura Walker Hudson, Product Manager, FrontlinesMS.

5.45 pm: Think closing keynote, by Louis Montagne and Jean-Pierre Laisné, Co-Presidents 2011.


10 am: Art & Open Source.

2 pm: Being a Pragmatic Developer in the Java Land, by Emmanuel Lecharny, Owner, Oktek.

3 pm: Keynote Net Neutrality, by Jeremie Zimmermann, Co-Founder, la Quadrature du Net.