Laurent Charles

co-founder ( France)

Denis Pilat

Manager ( France)

September 22nd, 2011

From 14:00 to 14:25




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Business model of co-development between vendor and customers for Open Source solutions

By nature, free  software can be adapted to the specific requirements of the company. To do so, we usually notice within the customer company a technical team in charge of making adaptations on the up-stream application.

But customer company has to focus on its core business and it is not specialized in maintaining software.

To reduce development costs and support application, a partnership with a software vendor is more efficient.

Enalean innovates providing its customers with an original partnership based on co-developement. For the customer company, it guarantees the adequation to its specific needs, reduction of TCO and freedom.

The presentation will show Enalean‘s approach with the example of the collaboration with STMicroelectronics.

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