Cedric Thomas

CEO ( France)

Simon Phipps

Director, Open Source Initiative, Chief Strategy Officer ( UK)

Mikko Puhakka

Founder ( Finland)

Louis Suarez-Potts

Community Manager, OpenOffice.org ( Canada)

Ross David Turk

Senior Director of Communities ( USA)

Mike Milinkovich

Executive Director ( Canada)

John Mertic

Community Manager ( USA)

Dave Neary

Founder of Neary Consulting ( Ireland)

Lars Kurth

community manager ( UK)

September 22nd, 2011

From 11:00 to 12:30




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Community Summit: Community Citizenship

The Community Citizenship session explores the unwritten rules that determine the sustainable growth of communities, i.e. what is the basis of community citizenship, how industrials and systems engineering companies can learn from open source, how indirect benefits balance the cost of participating in communities, what incentives have companies to be loyal to open source communities and how to manage the tension between the strategic opportunism of private profit-seeking companies and the common interests and assets of communities.

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