Didier M. Patry

Director & Managing Counsel

September 22nd, 2011

From 12:10 to 12:30




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Dealing with Open Source licensing in the supply chain

Open Source software is now omnipresent. According to the Economist "The argument has been won. It is now generally accepted that the future will involve a blend of both proprietary and open source software." (May 28th, 2009). Every company needs to manage the steps of software life-cycle from procurement to delivery, and ensure compliance in order to maximize the benefits of using Open Source software and mitigate risks.

How to deal with Open Source licensing in the Supply Chain and for distributors how to ensure that when they act as downstream resellers, they will manage to minimize their risks of non compliance? Governance of Open Source software requires solid processes: dealing with the necessity to comply with Open Source licenses is a substantial challenge both internally and with actors outside of the company, because the way Open Source software is developed can be radically different.

With an insight into Hewlett-Packard's own governance and procurement practices, Didier Patry will discuss the benefits of comprehensive processes mixed with adequate contractual inbound representations and warranties and how distributors of 3rd party software may influence and drive suppliers' own open source policies and compliance processes.

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