Thierry Brettnacher

VP consulting ( France)

September 23rd, 2011

From 14:05 to 14:30




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ERP5 on NiftyName

Nexedi provides ERP5 implemetations hosted on dedicated servers since 2004. ERP5 was then hosted on NiftyName open source Cloud Computing platform on 2009 for applications which require "no downtime". ERP5 has been hosted on TioLive platform for applications which require an operation cost of less than 1 EUR per month. Nexedi gained enough experience and customer feedback to conclude that most customers are not ready to pay for a "no downtime" architecture but that they care very much that the solution which is provided is resilient to any kind of incident or disaster, which usual falls into "force majeure" of SLAs.   Nexedi will describe how SlapOS was chosen and how the SANEF UK use case contributed to the design of the solution with resilience in mind.

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