Gaël Blondelle

Open Source Business Developper ( France)

Gert Johansson

Business Developer , Senior Systems Engineering Consultant

September 22nd, 2011

From 15:20 to 15:40




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OPEES : Leveraging Open Source for very long term support availability

Software consumers in domains like aerospace have to face different issues than the traditional software industry when creating Embedded Software:

  • The software embedded in a spatial mission needs to be supported for more than 40 years in response to the lifetime of the mission.
  • The software embedded in an aircraft flight command system must be "certified" according to aircraft safety standards, including the tooling used to produce this software.

Thus, during the whole life-cycle of the product, those Software consumers need maturity assessment and long lasting support for their tooling.

These concerns are also relevant in other safety regulated environments like railway or energy, and also for other domains with long life products like telco.

We will tell you how OPEES is emerging as a new type of Open Source ecosystem to tackle this very specific issues.

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