Jean-Pierre Laisné

Open Source Strategy Director, Bull, Chairman of OW2 ( France)

Iain James Marshall

Expertise Manager ( France)

Ignacio M. Llorente

Project Director ( Spain)

Florian Feldhaus


Yvon Jegou

researcher ( France)

Roberto Cascella

technical manager of the FP7 Contrail project ( France)

Andrea Manieri

( Italy)

September 22nd, 2011

From 13:00 to 15:00




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Open Cloud in Europe: When interoperability matters

As highlighted by European Commission in its Digital Agenda, interoperability is a key challenge for developing a sustainable cloud ecosystem in Europe. This session will introduce the different existing open standards which should help in this endeavour and some of the projects working on their implementation to facilitate interoperability and portability. The presence of experts will be also the opportunity to exchange experiences and foster potential collaborations.

1:00PM-1:05PM Welcome

Which standards for Cloud interoperability and portability?

1:05PM-1:15PM OVF by Yvon Jégou, INRIA Myriads

1:15PM-1:35PM CDMI and OCCI by Florian Feldhaus, TU-Dormund

Projects targeting interoperability

1:35PM-1:45PM Contrail by Roberto Cascella, INRIA Myriads

1:45PM-1:55PM Venus-C by Andrea Manieri, Engineering

1:55PM-2:05PM OpenNebula by Ignacio Llorente, UCM

1:55PM-2:05PM CompatibleOne by Iain James Marshall, Prologue

2:05PM-3:00PM Open Discussion with all participants

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