Jamie Ayre

September 22nd, 2011

From 16:10 to 16:30




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Open-DO Initiative - Bringing freedom to software that matters

This presentation will look at how the best practices of open source development can be applied to the complex world of building certified, safety-critical software and the resulting cross-fertilization of ideas between the various interested communities. 

Open-DO (as in "Open" and "DO-178C" the forthcoming revision of the avionics standard for airborne software) is an innovative open source initiative with the following goals:

- Address the "big-freeze" problem of safety-critical software;

- Ensure wide and long-term availability of qualified open-source tools and certifiable components for the main aspects of safety-critical software development;

- Decrease the barrier of entry for the development of safety-critical software;

- Encourage research in the area of safety-critical software development;

- Increase the availability of educational material for the development of safety-critical software in particular for academics and their students;

- Foster cross-fertilization between open-source and safety-critical software communities.

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