Patrice Bertrand

COO, Chairman ( France)

September 22nd, 2011

From 11:00 to 12:30




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Open Source at Work

This summit will deal with all aspects of puting open source at work in enterprise information systems, with conferences focused on: 
 - Open source policy:  why you need one, what's in it, how to roll it out.
 - Legal aspects of open source, what you should know.
 - How large companies use open source as a mean of sharing R&D
 - How open source solutions combine community and vendor through extensions.
 - Open source vendor products:  why the benefits of open source are still there.
 - The maturity of open source solutions in various market segments, A quick and broad overview of the open source solutions that qualify as enterprise-ready in content management, document management, e-commerce, business-intelligence, infrastructure, groupware.   
The presentations will be highlighted with a number of enterprise client case studies, feedbacks and testimony on how open source is at work in larger companies.

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