Patrice Bertrand

COO, Chairman ( France)

Philippe Montargès

Co-founder and co-president ( France)

Laurent Séguin

Président ( France)

Stefane Fermigier

Founder and chairman ( France)

Louis Montagne

Co-founder, AF83 and Bearstech, Chairman of Cap Digital Collibri Community, Board of Silicon Sentier ( France)

September 23rd, 2011

From 16:00 to 18:00




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Open Source going mainstream: any reason to fear ?

Open source is everywhere, open source is the foundation of most of today's IT, the groundwork on which all cloud platforms rely, and all IT players are now somehow doing open source, some wholeheartedly, others reluctantly.   Open source is everywhere, but not every software is open source.   To some, having gone mainstream, maybe open source is less of a matter, less of a cause to be fought for.   The battle is not won, is it time to change subject yet ?

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