Stefane Fermigier

Founder and chairman ( France)

François Ougier

Expert ( France)

Claude Gomez

CEO ( France)


Responsible for strategy and research ( France)

September 22nd, 2011

From 11:00 to 12:30




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Systematic Summit

Open Source, Num@tec, and the Automotive Industry - François Ougier, Renault

This talk focuses on Open Source in Automotive Engineering as perceived by industrial actors within Num@tec, the Automotive & Transports Working Group of System@tic. The stakes are outlined in two key areas : development tools, and embedded software. After a short overview of the status of Open Source in those domains, some roadblocks are discussed and some perspectives drawn.

Scilab: the Professional Free Software for Numerical Computation - Claude Gomez, Scilab Enterprise

Originally based on research at INRIA, Scilab software has become the free reference in numerical computation. Supported by a Consortium made of industrials and academics and by a strong community of developers, Scilab is used worldwide.

The recent creation of Scilab Enterprises, a company delivering services and support on Scilab and taking in charge the development of the software, allows now the complete use of the software by industrial users.

In this presentation we show the economic model of Scilab and how we manage Free Software and industrial development.

Open Source usage in Security & Defense industry. Safran testimonial - Samuel Vinson, Morpho


Open source software and Telecommunications - Thierry Houdoin, France Telecom

State of the art of open source in telecommunications, locks up, our roadmap.

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