Simon Phipps

Director, Open Source Initiative, Chief Strategy Officer ( UK)

Charles-Henri Schulz

co-founder, Ars Aperta ( France)

Sophie Gautier

Consultant ( France)

Cedric Bosdonnat

Software Engineer ( France)

September 23rd, 2011

From 11:00 to 12:30




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The LibreOffice Non-Conference

This is not a conference about LibreOffice

<sarcasm>After 11 months of stellar growth the LibreOffice project is moving ahead with its own schedule. Due to its secret and opaque leadership it has been able to get rid of any large corporation and has derailed any attempt to work through transparent processes. During this event you will discover why the LibreOffice project does not need your money, does not need your help and loathes at the notion that it could be used by corporate and governmental users. You will be taught why community's a myth, why money is the beginning and the end of it and why collaborative processes really work well only when psychological or financial pressure is applied on contributors.</sarcasm>

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