Xavier Carcelle

September 22nd, 2011

From 16:50 to 17:10




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The OpenHardware movement - The community is moving from software to hardware

Nowadays the OpenSource community and ressources had been widely used in any sector of the industry. The next movement in the community is in the OpenHardware with different developers sharing the documentation and files used to design and produce hardware products. This movement had already been initiated by the OpenSource hackers/developers (hardware manufacturers naming the opensource software "golden software" for their stability) reusing existing hardware products and enabling newer features on them and followed-up by developing their own hardware to share with a large community of users, developers and partners. Namely the telco industry, largely closed industry for years, is now eager to see OpenHardware products available out-there to improve innovation and telecommunications services possible. This talk will give the example of the OHANDA trademark and the project development of the XiVO IPBX OpenHardware for VoIP solutions.

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