Philippe - Arnaud HARANGER

September 22nd, 2011

From 11:10 to 11:30




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Why having proper tooling is critical for the Open Source Governance?

Open Source component integration had financial and technological impacts that no other method permitted before. The usage of those components should be considered in a very broad perspective which must give thorough insights on critical subjects. Once Open Source Governance has been ruled out and deployed, how may industrial users support their best practices and usage policies?

From Licenses to security issues, through technical adequacy and strategical aspects, DrakkR is a set of Open Source community oriented methods and tools that helps industrial end-user to organize their governance in order to be compliant with their own objectives and Open Source specificity. Relying upon the numerous QSOS methodology feedback and experience, other projects have been created and bring answers to specific problems. The merge of all of these tools constitute the DrakkR framework.

The talk will focus on the interaction between those tools and the associated enhancements that we made to facilitate collaborative contributions. It will come with a demo to illustrate the decision process through the tools that we develop. As this whole method is open, we'll be ready for constructive criticism and contribution.

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