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Open Data

The Open Data movement is a fairly recent phenomenon. The main idea is that public data gathered, maintained and used by public organizations, should be made available for access and re-use to citizens and companies. Initially born in Anglo-Saxon countries, it is spreading to all western democracies. It has several facets: legal, economic, technological, political, etc. In this presentation, we will address all these issues with key actors from the field. We will also relate Open Data to Open Source.

  • Our key note speaker, Nigel Shadbolt is one of the main architect of, the UK initiative in open data, leading the way in European Data.
  • The keynote will be followed by a panel discussion chaired by François Bancilhon (ISM and Data Publica) with Bernard Benhamou (French Ministerial Delegate on Internet Usage), Thomas Roessler (W3C), Fabien Gandon (INRIA), Bruno Walther (Captain Dash).

Conferences of this track :

  • Open Data, the UK experience

  • Open Data: the big picture

  • Open Data Summit: a survey of innovative projects and actors in the open data: local achievements, technology providers, return of experience

  • Open Data, Open Standards: des droits pour aujourd'hui et pour demain