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9 am: Opening Keynote by Eric Besson, Minister Of Industry, Energy and Digital Economy, Government of France.

9.10 am: Keynote addressed by Jean-Paul Planchou, Vice-President of the Region Ile-de-France in Charge of Economic Development, Innovation, Information Technology, Tourism and Social Economy.

9.20 am: Keynote addressed by Jean-Louis Missika, Deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of Innovation, Research and Universities.

9.40 am: Introduction to the 4th edition of the Open World Forum, by Louis Montagne and Jean-Pierre Laisné, co-Presidents 2011.

9.55 am: Floss Ecosystem in the Systematic Paris-Region Cluster, Keynote by Systematic Paris-Region and the Free Software Thematic Group.

10.05 am: Open Data, the UK Experience, Keynote by Nigel Shadbolt, Professor of Computer Science, University of Southampton.

10.25 am: Open Source and Open Standards, Keynote by Werner Knoblich, Vice-President and General Manager Emea, Red Hat.

11 am: Open Data : the Big Picture - panel discussion.

11.45 am: Different Points of View on Net Neutrality - panel discussion.

2 pm: Open Source as a Catalyst for Change in Closed Source Companies - panel discussion.

2.30 pm: Cloud IT and Business : Going Mainstream, Bill Mc Nee, Founder and CEO, Sangatuck Technology.

3 pm: Resilient Deployments in the Cloud.

3.45 pm: Keynote Microsoft : la collaboration avec l’Open Source tous azimuts.

4 pm: Making Cloud Interoperate? - panel discussion.

4.45 pm: Open Source is good for Industry, Gaël Blondelle, Open Source Business Developer, Obeo.

5.05 pm: A Tour of Network Neutrality Solutions.


9.00 am: The Next Five Years of Cloud and Client Computing, by marc Shuttelworth, Founder, Ubuntu Project.

9.30 am: Entering the Next Phase of Openness and Innovation, by Nils Brauckmann, President and General Manager, Suse.

9.50 am: Open Source in the Mobile Ecosystem - panel discussion.

10.30 am: Make your Company more than an Open Source User but a Real Player, by Anne Nicolas, Co-Founder, Hupstream.

10.50 am: Requier Knowledge Commons # Think Currently Fails, by Mike Linksvayer, Vice President, Creative Commons.

11.35 am: Biographies of Living Persons (BLP) and Wikipedia, Ting Chen, Chair of Wikimedia Foundation, the Wikimedia Board.

12.15 pm: Vous avez dit "enseignement de l'informatique au lycée ?", by Jean-Pierre Archambault, Technology Watch Director, CNDP-CRDP.

2 pm: The Internet of Things & Open Data: new forms of Business ? - panel discussion

2.30 pm: Open Source and Government, by Graham Taylor, Chief Executive, Open World Forum Europe.

3 pm: The Internet of Things & Open Data: new forms of Organizations and Governance? - panel discussion.

4 pm: From Innovative to Commercial Open Source Edition, by Patrick Moreau, Head of Software Assets, Inria.

4.20 pm: How pass impacts Enterprise Application Design and Development, by Alexandre Vasseur, Staff Systems Engineer, VmWare.

4.45 pm: Sharing Open Source Initiatives from India, Brazil and South Africa, Christina Freitas, Professor, the Federal University of Brasilla.

5.15 pm: Free and Open Source Software: Serving Humanity, Laura Walker Hudson, Product Manager, FrontlinesMS.

5.45 pm: Think closing keynote, by Louis Montagne and Jean-Pierre Laisné, Co-Presidents 2011.


10 am: Art & Open Source.

2 pm: Being a Pragmatic Developer in the Java Land, by Emmanuel Lecharny, Owner, Oktek.

3 pm: Keynote Net Neutrality, by Jeremie Zimmermann, Co-Founder, la Quadrature du Net.