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Harry Halpin

Working Group Chair for Gleaning Resource Descriptions from Dialects of Language , W3C ( UK)

Harry  Halpin

I'm a World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Team member in the Technology and Society Domain, where I lead community development efforts around Web identity, social networking, and community building. I'm working on evolving the Web towards becoming a secure and trustworthy platform for free communication and open-data sharing, in order to enable new kinds of collective intelligence. My focus on enabling the wider community to create the next-generation of open standards around social networking and identity as the first step towards this goal. I am also a visiting Research Scientist at Yahoo! Research Barcelona where I am studying crowd-sourcing and semantic search, in particular helping run the Semantic Search Challenge. Up until 2010 I was a postgraduate student of computer scientist Henry S. Thompson and the philosopher Andy Clark at the University of Edinburgh. My dissertation studied the impact of the Web over traditionally difficult questions of meaning and reference in philosophy of language, with applications to creating search engines over heterogeneous data. Right now I'm currently in Barcelona, but have been known to make guest appearances elsewhere.