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José Luis Machado

Brazilian Public Software , Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul ( Brazil)

José Luis  Machado

Business analyst at the Data Processing Center (CPD) of UFRGS since 1984, he is responsible for the Electronic Elections System, whose project was started in 2004 and has been in development since 2005; for the University Extensions System, whose project was started in 2000 and has been in development since 2002; by the Physical Space System, started in 2004 and in development since 2005; and by the Events System, started in 2008 and in development since 2009. Since 2009, he participates on the Software Packaging Project of the CPD/UFRGS, being responsible for the packaging of SAELE – Open Electronic Elections System – and for the General Events Portal. He is specialist in University Administration and an undergraduate in Social Sciences by UFRGS.


September 22nd, 2011 From 11:00 To 16:00