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Philippe Aigrain

Founder , Sopinspace, La Quadrature du Net (France)

Philippe Aigrain

Mr. Aigrain is the Founder and CEO of Sopinspace, Society for Public Information Spaces, a company that develops free software and provides services for the public debate of policy issues. Trained as a mathematician and computer scientist, he researched technology for empowering people to access and analyze photographs, video, and music. Before founding Sopinspace, he was head of the "Software technology and society" sector within the European Commission Information Society general directorate where he was in charge of actions related to Free / Open Source Software. Alongside his professional activities, he is active within international coalitions for the reform of norms and agencies that deal with intellectual rights. In addition to his technical papers, Mr. Aigrain has published a number of texts on the sociology of information exchanges and the political philosophy of intellectual rights.