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Philippe Montargès

Co-founder and co-president , Alter Way ( France)

Philippe Montargès

Philippe Montargès is co-founder and co-president of Alter Way, Operator of Open Source Services. Philippe Montargès, and Véronique Torner his partner, initiated the first consolidation of the French Open Source market and are striving to industrialize the sector. Philippe Montarges is president of the Open World Forum 2010. He also contributes in an important way to the animation and the promotion of the ecosystem of the Open Source Software in France and this by his commitment within representative organs of this sector as the C.N.L.L, (National Council of the Freeware), the working groups Freeware of the poles of competitiveness Systématic and Digital Course(Cape), the April (Association for the Promotion of the Free Computing) He is author of numerous publications and speakers around themes relative to the evolutions of the economic models of Free Software, and to the stakes for the Innovation which they carry in them.