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Pier Luigi Capucci

Founder and Director , Noema ( Italy)

Pier Luigi  Capucci

Since the early ‘80 Pier Luigi Capucci has been concerned with the communication’s studies, the new media and the new art forms, and with the relations among arts, sciences and technologies. Currently he is professor at the NABA, in Milan and in other institutions. He is a supervisor of the M-Node PhD Program of the Planetary Collegium (University of Plymouth).
He published the books Realtà del virtuale. Rappresentazioni tecnologiche, comunicazione, arte (Reality of the virtual. Technological representations, communication, art), 1993, on virtual technologies and the relations between culture and sensorial representations; Il corpo tecnologico. L’influenza delle tecnologie sul corpo e sulle sue facoltà (The technological body. Technologies’ influence on the body and its faculties), 1994, on the impact of technologies on the human body; and Arte e tecnologie. Comunicazione estetica e tecnoscienze (Art and technologies. Aesthetic communication and technosciences), 1996, about art, sciences and technologies [since 2007 freely distributed under a Creative Common License].
He extensively published in books and magazines, organized exhibitions, managed projects and participated to conferences in Italy and abroad. He has been working in european projects on technological communications.
In 1994 he founded and directed the first italian online magazine, NetMagazine, later MagNet, a research project on the relations between culture and technologies made in conjunction with the universities of Bologna and Rome “La Sapienza”.
He is the founder and director of Noema (www.noemalab.org), a website devoted to culture-new technologies interrelations and influences (since 2000). He is the founder and director of <mediaversi> (www.mediaversi.it, since 2004), a book series focused on new media and society, with an international Scientific Committee.